The performances of “Cyrano” by Eleni Vlachou at the Children’s Stage of the Municipal Theatre of Kavala continue

Adapted and directed by Eleni Vlachou

The performances of “Cyrano” by Eleni Vlachou at the Children’s Stage of the Municipal Theatre of Kavala continue at the Antigoni Valakou Theatre.

The Municipal Theatre of Kavala presents a play based on the classic masterpiece Cyrano de Bergerac at the Children’s Stage, created with love for its young friends, every Sunday at 12 until the 26th of November. A team of fantastic actors immerses us in battles, wars, friendships, love, secrets and letters, in a world as fairytale-like as our lives, which can become the most beautiful stories. But what are the ingredients of a beautiful story? A handsome prince and a beautiful princess? Not for us!

We choose a hero stranger than the strange,
bold with a blade, with an artist’s range and a nose…
… larger than anyone knows!
For the recipe to work, we still need a few more things:
a zesty pastry, a bundle of letters,
a singular sword
and one final addition.
That one stays hidden!

We are looking forward to sharing with you the wonderful story of Cyrano, the hero who dreamed of going to the moon and succeeded!

A story about the value of friendship, the beauty of diversity, and the power of love! How far can you go for someone you love?

Text adaptation and Direction: Eleni Vlachou
Costume and Stage Design: Georgia Bourda
Original Music Composition: Ilias Vamvakousis
Lighting Direction: Marietta Pavlaki
Movement Direction: Fotini Meletiadou
Stage Construction: Giorgos Mastorakis, Giannis Stavridis

Cast: Dimitris Galanakis, Chara Lioliou, Anastasia Mirosnitsenko, Dinos Papageorgiou

Performances for the public on Sundays 5, 12, 19 and 26 November at 12.00 in the Antigone Valakou Theatre.

A limited number of matinee performances for school children will be held from Monday 23 October to Tuesday 28 November 2023 at the Antigone Valakou Theatre.

Ticket prices: 8€ general admission for public performances

 6€ student ticket for organised matinee performances

Online Pre-sale:

For further information and reservations, please call the Kavala Municipal Theatre telephone number 2510. 220876 – 7 during office hours.

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