“THE WASPS” by Aristophanes

“THE WASPS” by Aristophanes
in a modern retelling by Lena Kitsopoulou

a co-production with the State Theater of Northern Greece

Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Saturday 22 July, 21.30

The National Theatre, in co-production with the National Theatre of Northern Greece, presents Aristophanes“The Wasps”, directed by Lena Kitsopoulou, on Saturday 22 July at 9.30 p.m. at the Ancient Theatre of Philippi, as part of the 66th Philippi Festival.

Aristophanes’ “The Wasps” is a comedy that is rarely performed in Greece Sixty years after Alexis Solomos’ production, the play returns to the National Theatre’s repertoire in a modern retelling by Lena Kitsopoulou, who wrote the loose adaptation and directed the play. The iconoclastic creator, accompanied by a superb group of collaborators and actors, takes on a play that reflects on the pathologies of our democracy and the cracks in justice.

In “The Wasps”, Aristophanes uses the vehicle of comedy to satirise, in his incomparably sharp manner, a deeply political issue: the erosion of the judicial system, the cornerstone of popular sovereignty in ancient Athens. On the one hand, a gloating, litigious old judge who thrives on convicting the ‘guilty’; on the other, his desperate son, a decrepit judicial system that doles out favours, and an entire society of wasps: cruel individuals with a sharp sting, an insatiable appetite for criticism and no inclination for self-criticism. A society trapped in a suffocating cocoon of discord and malice. A society that twists, writhes, blames and ends up feeding on its own poison.

In this version, the director turns her gaze to the modern “stings”, the popular courts set up on TV shows and social media. With biting humour and a mocking attitude, she highlights the systemic rot, the dormant defences, the racism, the bigotry and the rigid political correctness of our times. “I condemn you on my TV show, on my mobile, in public, wherever I am and wherever I stand, and beware: anyone who doesn’t agree with me is a fascist, complicit with the guilty. I accuse, therefore I exist…” says the director, who tries to bring to life before our eyes sometimes the filth that threatens us and sometimes that other thing, the ideal that uplifts us.

Translation: Stelios Chronopoulos
Loose Adaptation/Direcction: Lena Kitsopoulou
Costume/Set Design:Magdalini Avgerinou
Music: Nikos Kypourgos
Choreography: Amalia Benet
Lighting Design: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Sound Design: Kostas Lolos
Dramaturge: Aspasia-Maria Alexiou
Vocal Training: Melina Paionidou
1st Assistant Director: Marilena Moschou
2nd Assistant Director: Savina Tsafa
Assistant Set/Costume Designer: Gina Iliopoulou
2nd Assistant Director: Savina Tsafa
Assistant Composer: Alexis Kotsopoulos
Makeup Artist: Olga Faleichyk
Hair and Wig Designer: Konstantinos Koliousis

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Daphni David, Alexandros Zouridakis, Konstantinos Kapellidis (electric bass), Nikos Karathanos, Lena Kitsopoulou, Giannis Kotsifas, Nikos Kousoulis, Alexis Kotsopoulos (electric guitar, trombone), Nefeli Maistrali, Sotiris Manikas, Nikolas Maragkopoulos, Ioanna Mavrea, Thanos Birkos, Dimitris Naziris, Panos Papadopoulos, Stefanos Pittas, Konstantinos Plemmenos, Marianna Pourega, Thodoris Skiftoulis

On-stage Musicians (in alphabetical order)
Marinos Galatsinos (winds), Sofia Efkleidou (cello), Evi Kanellou (percussion)

Photography and Videography: Christos Symeonidis

The performance is recommended for audiences aged 15 and over.

“THE WASPS” by Aristophanes
Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Saturday 22 July, 21.30

No admission to the theatre once the performance has begun.

General Admission: 18€,

Reduced: 14€ (over 65) & 10€ (students, unemployed, disabled)

Online presale: : ticketservices.gr

Kavala: Visitor Information Centre of the Municipality of Kavala (former EOT) Central Square, phone: 2510-620566, daily from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00, while on the days of the performances there will be pre-sale at the box office of the Ancient Theatre of Philippi from 19:30 in the afternoon.

Krinides: Café “Proskinio”, Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Tel: 2510516090

Drama: “Americanino 30” G. Papandreou Street, Tel: 2521058206

Travel agency “Michailidis Tours”, 20 Smyrnis Street, Tel 2521045755

Xanthi: Bookstore ‘DYO’, 29 Venizelou Street, Tel: 25410-27777

This year it will be possible to be transported to and from the Ancient Theatre of Philippi by bus of the Kavala Bus Company on presentation of a ticket for the performance and a fare of 3.20€.

The bus departs from Kavala bus station at 19.15 and returns at the end of the performance.

For further information and seat reservations, please call the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kavala on +30 2510. 220876-7 during office hours.

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