Programme of the First Artistic Season 2023 – 2024

First Artistic Season 2023 – 2024
October – December 2023

The Municipal Theatre of Kavala Public Benefit Corporation (ΔΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ.Κ) presents the programme of the First Artistic Season 2023 – 2024, as detailed below.

For further information, please contact the Municipal Theatre of Kavala at the following telephone number: 2510. 220876 – 7 during office hours.

*Performances – Events at the Antigone Valakou Theatre are held in accordance with the special instructions of the Health Authorities, with the priority of public health and with a sense of responsibility towards the audience and the artists.

Municipal Theatre of Kavala

First Artistic Season        October – December 2023

Programme summary


Adaptation – Direction: Eleni Vlachou
From 22.10 to 30.11
Production of the Municipal Theatre of Kavala


ΤΑΟ by Giorgos Kafetzopoulos
(Thursday 9 – Friday 10 – Saturday 11 November)

THE BEAR by Anton Chekhov
(Wednesday 22 – Thursday 23 – Friday 24 November)


THE RIGHTEST CHOICE by Eva Oikonomou – Vamvaka
7­ – 17 December 2023)
Production of the Municipal Theatre of Kavala


(20 December)


Experiential Teenage Workshop


CYRANO (based on the classic masterpiece Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand)
Sunday 22 October – Sunday 26 November at 12:00
(And daily matinee performances for schools)
How far can you go for someone you love?

We choose a hero stranger than the strange,
bold with a blade, with an artist’s range and a nose…
… larger than anyone knows!
For the recipe to work, we still need a few more things:
a zesty pastry, a bundle of letters,
a singular sword
and one final addition.

This year, the children’s stage of the Kavala Municipal Theatre presents CYRANO in a modern adaptation and direction. With the best materials at its disposal and a team of fantastic actors, Antigone Valakou Theatre raises the curtain to immerse us in battles, wars, friendships, love, secrets and letters, in a world as fairytale-like as our lives, which can become the most beautiful stories. A story about the value of friendship, the beauty of diversity, and the power of love!

Text adaptation and Direction: Eleni Vlachou
Costume and Stage Design: Georgia Bourda
Original Music Composition: Ilias Vamvakousis
Lighting Direction: Marietta Pavlaki
Movement Direction: Fotini Meletiadou
Stage Construction: Giorgos Mastorakis, Giannis Stavridis

Cast: Dimitris Galanakis, Chara Lioliou, Anastasia Mirosnitsenko, Dinos Papageorgiou
Performances for the public on Sundays 22 and 29 October and Sundays 5, 12, 19 and 26 November at 12.00 in the Antigone Valakou Theatre.

A limited number of matinee performances for school children will be held from Monday 23 October to Thursday 30 November 2023 at the Antigone Valakou Theatre.
Ticket prices:
8€ general admission for public performances
6€ student ticket for organised matinee performances
Online Pre-sale:



ΤΑΟ by Giorgos Kafetzopoulos

Thursday 9 Friday 10 and Saturday 11 November


“You have to respect that little gun you carry”

After nine years in prison, Andreas Karamoutsos is planning his retirement. His erratic son dreams of inheriting his father’s nocturnal “kingdom”, and Iosif Moisidis, who “climbed the ladder like a snake” and now “runs” Athens, is not about to give up anything.

“Tao”, a wild comedy with moments that make your blood freeze.

Fragments of ideologies, myths, religions, fantasies. The chaos of the times. And in the midst of it all, the way is sought. The way that makes you a “tough guy” or brings you “enlightenment”. Can people be better? The story of a violent coming of age, set in an ironically allegorical world of the night.

Text: Giorgos Kafetzopoulos
Director: Danae Spilioti
Set Design: Giorgos Hatzinikolaou, Danae Spilioti
Costume Design: Maria Anamaterou
Music: Fotis Siotas
Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Thodoris Skiftoulis, Giorgos Kafetzopoulos
Duration of performance: 1 hour and 40′
*the performance features the song “What’s my name” by Goin’ Through
Ticket prices:
14 € General Admission,
12 € Student – Unemployed – Disabled

THE BEAR by Anton Chekhov

Wednesday 22 Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November


A theatre that fits in a suitcase or a lift, even in a matryoshka doll, but also in a ballroom. An unreserved vaudeville, borderline extreme, full of twists and turns. The magician Chekhov, in pursuit of the great dream, transforms grief into life and darkness into light, leading us to an oasis of laughter and emotion. And so, with all our strength, we too take on the greatness of the author and, with the tools of music, poetry and our own bodies, we search for a homeland in the endless and sad steppe of reality.

The story is set on a farm in the province of Riplovo, where Elena Popova, a beautiful widow who has been mourning the loss of her husband for months, lives. Confined and completely isolated within the four walls of her house, she receives a visit from retired lieutenant Smirnov, who rudely demands the repayment of two bills owed to him by the deceased. The bereaved woman does not object, but his behaviour and his views on women upset her. The tension between them escalates and the conflict is fateful and inevitable. A duel is the only way out. Grief, debt and finally love are treated by Chekhov with innocence and self-irony.

Direction: Nikos Kardonis
Translation: David Malteze
Movement direction: Yvonni Tzatha
Music: Michalis and Giannis Latousakis
Adaptation of lyrics: Vasilis Andreou
Costume and set design: Alexandra-Anastasia Ftouli, Nikos Kardonis
Lighting design: Nausica Christodoulakou
Photography: Domniki Mitropoulou
Teaser: Alexis Orfanidis

Cast: Katerina Lappa, Giannis Latousakis, Giannis Dendrinos
Live music: Michalis Latousakis

Ticket prices:
14 € General Admission,
12 € Student – Unemployed – Disabled


THE RIGHTEST CHOICE by Eva Oikonomou – Vamvaka
Thursday 7 – Sunday 17 December
Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

How much does the birth of a first child change a couple’s life?

Is motherly love the most non-negotiable thing in the universe?

Or are there moments when nothing seems to be in place anymore?

This new play focuses on the story of an ordinary couple and follows their decision to have their first child. And so, through the difficulties and obstacles of Greece in 2023, it documents a violent coming-of-age story. A bittersweet tale of sacrifice and love that we’ve seen unfold many times before, but usually don’t pay attention to – until we hear one of our own, familiar cries that wake us up. And then we realise how close despair is to happiness.

And how perhaps nothing is non-negotiable.

Text and Direction: Eva Oikonomou – Vamvaka
Set and Lighting Design: Vasilis Apostolatos
Costume Design: Matina Megla
Set Construction: Giorgos Mastorakis, Giannis Stavridis
Assistant Director: Ypsipyli Sofia

Cast: Dimitra Vitta, Dimitris Drosos, Ypsipyli Sofia

Ticket prices:
12 € General Admission, 
8 € Student – Unemployed – Disabled

Online pre-sale:
Production: Municipal Theatre of Kavala


With Fotis Siotas

A concert in total darkness that keeps the light on.

Wednesday 20th December

The Municipal Theatre of Kavala, wishing to offer its own gift to the city this year, just before the Christmas holidays, has chosen to close this first artistic season with a very special event, the concert/experience LEAVE THE LIGHT ON. This is a special concert that will take place in total darkness, so that the audience and the performers, with their senses – other than sight – heightened, can create shared memories by experiencing something different together. In keeping with the spirit of giving and inclusion, all ticket proceeds from this special event will be donated to support local organisations that have a proven track record of inspiring and contributing to the community, selected by the city’s public through an open online vote. The guest artist is the unique Fotis Siotas, whose work, attitude and voice have managed to keep every light on over the past few years.

Ticket prices:
12 € General Admission




…on Saturdays you went for a walk of a different kind once again?

After the first successful experiment, the Municipal Theatre of Kavala is organising for the second consecutive year an experiential workshop for teenagers, hoping that through it, it will be able to offer teenagers the space and tools they need to express themselves and create. Through practical exercises derived from the philosophy of physical theatre and the principles of the system of viewpoints, and using as raw material the stories and dreams of the participants themselves, we will once again discover the therapeutic effect that theatre can have on our lives.

Taught by Marina Tselepi

Every Saturday from November to May

Cost: 20€ per month

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