“OEDIPUS REX” by Sophocles

Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Friday 11 & Saturday 12 August, 21.00

One of the leading ancient tragedies, Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” is presented at the Ancient Theatre of Philippi on 11th and 12th August, as part of the 66th Philippi Festival, directed by Simos Kakalas with Giannis Stankoglou in the title role and Marilita Lambropoulou in the role of Jocasta. A production of Iasmos Theatre Events.

They are joined by an ensemble of outstanding actors: Giannis Dalianis, Christos Malakis, Giorgos Amoutzas, Panagos Ioakim and 5 other actors. Fotis Siotas, who composed the music for the show, is the musician on stage.

The translation is by Giorgos Blanas, the set design by Giannis Katranitsas, the movement direction by Sofia Paschou, the lighting design by Alekos Giannaros and the design of the masks, which are a structural element of the performance, by Martha Foka.

Oedipus is confronted with the destiny he has been trying to escape since his birth. The oracle received by his father, King Laius of Thebes, is confirmed in the worst possible way. Oedipus unwittingly commits patricide, marries his mother Jocasta and ascends the throne of Thebes himself. The tragic truth is soon revealed, confirming that man cannot escape his fate.

Oedipus Rex is one of the most popular and widely performed works of ancient Greek literature in our country and around the world, spreading the Greek spirit and its timeless messages to all mankind.

Note by Simos Kakalas

Never before in the history of mankind have we “seen” so far into the universe and so deeply into man. Too often, on the brink of disaster, we find that the evil we are fighting is ourselves. The face of Oedipus is humanity itself in the mirror. Having found the culprit, he finds himself at the point where he must make an urgent choice, even at the last moment, even after having made the greatest mistake.

In this performance, seen as a ritual of purification, a group in masks of old men form the chorus, twisting, mourning and agonising. Through this chorus, the tragic figures of Oedipus, Jocasta, Tiresias and Creon are revealed.

Translation: Giorgos Blanas
Direction: Simos Kakalas
Dramaturgy: Elena Triantafyllopoulou
Set-Costume Design: Giannis Katranitsas
Music: Fotis Siotas
Movement Direction: Sofia Paschou
Lighting Design: Alekos Giannaros
Masks: Martha Foka
Assistant Director: Giorgos Pavlou
Assistant Set Designer: Sofia Theodoraki
Make-up Artist: Sissy Petropoulou
Photosgraphy: Patroklos Skafidas
Social media: Ideation
Graphic designer: Giannis Stamatopoulos
Trailer: Michail Mavromoustakos
Tour Manager: Eleni Spetsioti
Production Management: Anastasia Kavallari
Production Executive: Kart Productions – Maria Xanthopoulidou
Production: Iasmos Theatre Events


Oedipus: Giannis Stankoglou
Jocasta: Marilita Lambropoulou
Creon: Giannis Dalianis
Tiresias: Christos Malakis
Messenger: Simos Kakalas
Second Messenger: Giorgos Amoutzas
Servant: Panagos Ioakim

Chorus (alphabetically): Giorgos Amoutzas, Markos Gettos, Panagos Ioakim, Simos Kakalas, Apostolos Kamitsakis, Avgoustinos Koumoulos, Marilita Lambropoulou, Giorgos Loksas, Christos Malakis, Giannis Dalianis, Pavlos Pavlidis, Giannis Stankoglou

Musician on stage: Fotis Siotas

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/M6XubC6pP8g

“Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles
Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Friday 11 & Saturday 12 August, 21.00

Ticket Prices: General Admission: 22€
        Reduced: 17€ (Students, Unemployed, Disabled)


Kavala: Visitor Information Centre of the Municipality of Kavala (former EOT) Central Square, tel: 2510-620566, daily from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00, while on the days of the performances there will be a pre-sale at the box office of the Ancient Theatre of Philippi from 19:30 in the afternoon.

Krinides: Café “Proskinio”, Ancient Theatre of Philippi, phone: 2510516090

Drama: “Americanino 30” 30 G. Papandreou Street, phone: 2521058206

Travel agency “Michailidis Tours”, 20 Smyrnis Street, phone: 2521045755

Xanthi: Bookstore ‘DYO’, 29 Venizelou Street, phone: 25410-27777

Also online: https://www.viva.gr/tickets/theater/oidipous-tyrannos-periodeia/

No admission to the theatre once the performance has begun.

This year it will be possible to be transported to and from the Ancient Theatre of Philippi by bus of the Kavala Bus Company on presentation of a ticket for the performance and a fare of 3.20€. The bus departs from Kavala bus station at 18.45 and returns at the end of the performance.

For further information and seat reservations, please call the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kavala on 2510. 220876-7 during office hours (10:00-14:00).

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