“MEDEA” by Euripides

Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Wednesday 26th – Thursday 27th July, 21.30

The play “Medea”, directed by Lea Maleni, will be performed at the Ancient Theatre of Philippi on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th July at 9.30 pm, as part of the 66th Philippi Festival.

Medea was elevated by Euripides to a timeless symbol of the eternal battle between the sexes. A tragedy of passion, an alternating game of life and death, with love as its axis and centre. A tragic story that has remained timeless throughout the ages.

Euripides, a witness to displacement, loss and war and a timeless prophet of truth, writes about the devastating effects of uncontrolled passion on man, of marginalisation and exclusion.

The archetypal struggle between man and woman and the conflict between the primordial faith of oaths and sterile rationalism is for the tragic poet the image of a society with a certain materialistic orientation. A reference to the Athens of his time and to the expansionist policies of all times, which kill their children on the altar of power, authority and profit.


Jason decides to leave Medea, betraying their vows, to marry King Creon’s daughter and claim a share of power. . Creon decides to banish Medea and her children from the city, condemning them to a slow death with their father’s consent.

After Jason’s betrayal and breaking of his vows, Medea wants to take revenge on Jason. By committing infanticide, she deprives him of the right to procreate, killing both the sons she has given him and the mother of his future children.

She knows that without a husband and father there is no future for her and her children, and that her sons are condemned to a slow death.

Having involved the children in her plans for revenge, after they have offered the deadly gifts to their father’s new royal wife, she knows that with the death of the king and his daughter, her sons are in danger of the vengeful wrath of the Corinthians.

Blood must be paid with blood.

To atone for the murders she committed for Jason’s sake, Medea knows that she too must make a painful sacrifice to restore harmony to the universe. In full consciousness…

Director’s Note:

The balance of the universe has been upset. Blood will be avenged in blood. Another painful sacrifice must be made to cleanse the previous one and restore order. Medea knows. She has the curse of Wisdom, having washed the herbs of her sacred rites with the blood of Prometheus from the Caucasus Mountains.

A female trophy, a vehicle of power for a man who uses her only to achieve his ends. Medea is life itself. When she falls in love, she can be destructive. When betrayed, she can bring death. When she falls in love, she can be destructive. When betrayed, she can bring death. A female trophy, a vehicle of power for a man who uses her only to achieve his ends.

Archetypes remain archetypes, in a modernised myth whose starting point is Today; in an endless, doomed struggle for the survival of the human race, like the one Sisyphus carries on his shoulders as a result of his punishment by the gods.

(Lena Maleni)

MEDEA: Maria Kitsou
JASON: Fanis Mouratidis
NURSE: Eleni Kastani
TUTOR: Thodoris Katsafados
AEGEUS: Vaggelis Alexandris
CREON: Laertis Malkotsis
MESSENGER: Alberto Fais

CHORUS: Aliki Abdelopoulou, Stella Rapti, Elena Hadjiafxenti, Myrto Pappa Argyropoulou, Gogo Papaioannou, Myrto Kastrinaki Meitani

Translation: Minos Volanakis
Direction: Lea Maleni
Music: Themis Karamouratidis
Set Design: Giorgos Gavalas
Costume Design: Claire Bracewell
Movement Direction: Froso Korrou
Lighting Design: Nikos Sotiropoulos
Musical Instruction: Christos Theodorou
Assistant Director: Stavriana Kadi
Promotion – Social Media: Renegade Media/Vasilis Zarkadoulas

Production: “TAGARIS” Theatrical Productions

Production Management: Dora Valsamaki
Communication – Promotion: Markella Kazamia

“MEDEA” by Euripides
Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Wednesday 26th – Thursday 27th July, 21.30

General Admission: €23,
Reduced: 18€ (students, unemployed, children, disabled)

Kavala: Visitor Information Centre of the Municipality of Kavala (former EOT) Central Square, phone: 2510-620566, daily from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00, while on the days of the performances there will be pre-sale at the box office of the Ancient Theatre of Philippi from 19:30 in the afternoon.

Krinides: Café “Proskinio”, Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Tel: 2510516090

Drama: “Americanino 30” G. Papandreou Street, Tel: 2521058206
Travel agency “Michailidis Tours”, 20 Smyrnis Street, Tel 2521045755

Xanthi: Bookstore ‘DYO’, 29 Venizelou Street, Tel: 25410-27777

Online: https://www.viva.gr/tickets/theater/mideia-tou-eyripidi/

No admission to the theatre once the performance has begun.

This year it will be possible to be transported to and from the Ancient Theatre of Philippi by bus of the Kavala Bus Company on presentation of a ticket for the performance and a fare of 3.20€.

The bus departs from Kavala bus station at 19.15 and returns at the end of the performance.

For further information and seat reservations, please call the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kavala on 2510. 220876-7 during office hours.

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