“THE DESERTED” by Kiki Kerzeli

Makedou Square (behind the Labour Centre of Kavala)
Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 July, time 21.30

The Municipal Theatre of Kavala, as part of the 66th Philippi Festival, presents the play “The Deserted” by Kiki Kerzeli on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th July at 9.30pm in Makedou Square.

“On the fifth day,
it began to get dark,
the sun hid behind yellow clouds,
his nostrils filled with bitterness,
and the desert knocked hard at the door of his house”.

What if we woke up one morning to find this city covered in sand? What if all the things we’ve grown accustomed to embracing on our side became a desert? What if all that we thought were gifts opened their great cauldrons and sucked us in? Three characters search for the thread that will connect them to their impossible grief, hoping that all that has slipped from their hands into the yellow cloud will one day return to their arms.

A performance dedicated to the unsung anti-heroes who were not caught, who were afraid, who did not understand, who were forgotten, and who now spend their days alone in the desert.

Writer: Kiki Kerzeli
Directors: Kiki Kerzeli, Dimitris Mandrinos, Giorgos Andriotis, Zoi Arvaniti
Original music – sound environment design: Giorgos Andriotis
Stage design – costumes: Zoi Arvaniti

Cast: Dimitris Mandrinos, Androniki Polychronidou
Special Guest: Argyris Bakirtzis

The Deserted by Kiki Kerzeli
Makedou Square
Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 July, time 21.30

Ticket prices: General Admission: 10€, Reduced: 8€

No entry to the venue after the start of the performance.

Online presale: ticketservices.gr

Pre-sale at the Visitor Information Centre of the Municipality of Kavala (former EOT) Central Square, tel: 2510-620566, daily from Wednesday 12 July (10:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 21:00), while on the days of the performances the tickets will be sold at the box office from 19:30 in the afternoon.

For further information you can call the phone numbers of the Municipal Theatre of Kavala 2510. 220876 – 7 (10.00-14:00)

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