Additional performance – TAO by Giorgos Kafetzopoulos

As tickets for all three days are about to sell out, there will be one more performance on Saturday, November 11 at 18:00.

Therefore, there will be four performances in total.

Thursday 9 Friday 10 November |21:00|
and Saturday 11 November |18:00 & 21:00
“TAO”, a wild comedy with moments that make your blood freeze.

The plot

After nine years in prison, Andreas Karamoutsos is planning his retirement. His erratic son dreams of inheriting his father’s nocturnal “kingdom”, and Iosif Moisidis, who “climbed the ladder like a snake” and now “runs” Athens, is not about to give up anything.

Three generations on edge: illegal business, ideologies that cannot be questioned, the microcosm of the night, from prison to the glorious pop/folk club. Familiar situations, our own, Greek, Balkan, bordering on the extravagant and constantly flirting with the absurd. Fragments of ideologies, myths, religions, fantasies. The chaos of the times. And in the midst of it all, the way is sought. The way that makes you a “tough guy” or brings you “enlightenment”. Can people be better? The story of a violent coming of age, set in an ironically allegorical world of the night.

Text: Giorgos Kafetzopoulos
Director: Danae Spilioti
Set Design: Giorgos Hatzinikolaou, Danae Spilioti
Costume Design: Maria Anamaterou
Music: Fotis Siotas

*the performance features the song “What’s my name” by Goin’ Through

Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Thodoris Skiftoulis, Giorgos Kafetzopoulos

Duration of performance: 1 hour and 40′

Due to strong language, this show is not recommended for children under the age of 15.

Ticket prices:
14 € General Admission, 
12 € Student – Unemployed – Disabled

Online Pre-sale:

Ticket presale daily from Monday 6 November, 11.00 – 14.00 & 18.00 – 20.00, at the Visitor Information Centre of the Municipality of Kavala (former EOT) in the Central Square, tel. 2510-620566.

ΤΑΟ by Giorgos Kafetzopoulos

Thursday 9  Friday 10 adn Saturday 11 November |21:00|

Antigone Valakou Theatre For further information and reservations, please call the Kavala Municipal Theatre telephone number 2510. 220876 – 7 during office hours

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