Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo

Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 July 2023, at 21.30

The performance “Accidental Death of an Anarchist”, directed by Giannis Kakleas, will be presented on Saturday 8th July and Sunday 9th July at 9.30pm at the Ancient Theatre of Philippi, as part of the 66th Philippi Festival.

After two “exhaustively” sold-out seasons and numerous theatre awards, the “Show of the Year”, applauded by 140,000 spectators, is now on a major summer tour.

A show of infectious energy, songs, live music and wry humour from a cast who act, dance and sing, poking fun at their own present through the story of the play.

Panos Vlachos, Fivos Rimenas, Ifigenia Asteriadi, Konstantinos Maglaras, Panagiotis Katsolis and Stelios Petsos – always under the direction of Giannis Kakleas – introduce us to the scathing and accusatory universe of Dario Fo!

Dario Fo, that devil of a playwright, based on real events that took place in Italy during a period of tension, wrote a masterly farcical and denunciatory satire on violence, stupidity, the arbitrariness of power, fabricated lies and the deliberately “blind” justice, servant of a system of corruption.


Through a clever and topical comedy, power is exposed and the “irrefutable” evidence used to incriminate someone is presented. An open window on the sixth floor can be the solution when composure is lost and the death is filed away as a mere “accident”!

Through his work, Dario Fo manages to expose the murder of the “anarchist railway worker” Giuseppe Pinelli, committed by the Italian police. In a satirical and sarcastic way, he denounces the tragic event, denounces the abuse of power, and although it was written years ago to criticise the unaccountable power of the Italian justice system and the corruption of the government, today, years later, the audience will have no difficulty in finding many – perhaps too many – similarities with today’s Greece.

In Dario Fo’s words: “The play has been performed with continuous success ever since it was written; perhaps because bloodshed, bombings, big words and great scandals keep increasing every now and then… Always being caused by the same systems that organise violence and cannot tolerate the people who refuse to obey.”


In our performance, the play, the plot and the author’s subversive point of view are the basis for commenting on our own reality with humour, following Dario Fo‘s point of view:

“I do not consider a play of mine to be complete, but open to constant variations. Even today, anyone staging my works in any part of the world must know that they are dealing with a fluid material, capable of being adapted and shaped to their own reality, and of drawing out references that will make the theatre square get angry, think and laugh”.

Based on the play by Dario Fo, the performance follows the footsteps of an archetypal court jester. A timeless, demonic, funny and dangerous figure to any authority and stereotype. . We begin with his birth, his travels through space and time and end in the here and now.


Director/Adaptation: Giannis Kakleas
Set design: Ilenia Douladiri/Giannis Kakleas
Costumes: Ilenia Douladiri
Musical composition Vaios Prapas
Lyrics: Panos Vlachos
Choreography: Angeliki Trompouki
Lighting: Stella Kaltsou
Director’s Assistant: Ioanna Kalavrou
Costume Assistant: Ioanna Kalavrou
Lighting Assistant: Stevi Koutsothanasi
Press Office – Communication: Maria Tsolaki
Advertising – Social Media: Renegade Media / Vasilis Zarkadoulas

Cast: Panos Vlachos Fivos Rimenas Ifigenia Asteriadi Konstantinos Maglaras Stelios Petsos Panagiotis Katsolis .
Musician on stage: Vaios Prapas

Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo
Ancient Theatre of Philippi
Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 July 2023, at 21.30

No admission to the theatre once the performance has begun.

General Admission: 20€

Online presale:


Kavala: Visitor Information Centre of the Municipality of Kavala (former EOT) Central Square, phone: 2510-620566, daily from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00, while on the days of the performances there will be pre-sale at the box office of the Ancient Theatre of Philippi from 19:30 in the afternoon.
Krinides: Café “Proskinio”, Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Tel: 2510516090
Drama: “Americanino 30” G. Papandreou Street, Tel: 2521058206
Travel agency “Michailidis Tours”, 20 Smyrnis Street, Tel 2521045755
Xanthi: Bookstore ‘DYO’, 29 Venizelou Street, Tel: 25410-27777

This year it will be possible to be transported to and from the Ancient Theatre of Philippi by bus of the Kavala Bus Company on presentation of a ticket for the performance and a fare of 3.20€.

The bus departs from Kavala bus station at 19.15 and returns at the end of the performance.

For further information and seat reservations, please call the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kavala on +30 2510. 220876-7 during office hours.

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