66th Philippi Festival – A thank you to all

With the conclusion of the 66th Philippi Festival, we feel the need to thank all those who have contributed to its great success this year.

The President, Mr. Sokratis Bozoudis, the Board of Directors as well as the Artistic Director, Mrs. Eva Oikonomou Vamvaka, would like to thank first of all the people who honoured the events of the Festival with their presence throughout the summer and then all those who actively contributed to its realisation.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Kavala for financing all the activities of the Festival, as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with the support of which the 7th International Workshop of Ancient Drama was held.

We would also like to thank the Archaeological Service of Kavala and the Archaeological Guards, the Sanitary Service and the Technical Service of the Municipality of Kavala, the Emergency Medical Service, the Police Department and the Traffic Police of Kavala, the Police Station of Krinides, the Port Authority, the Kavala Bus Station and the Red Cross, who provided their valuable services at all the performances.

We would also like to thank our sponsors: Energean Oil & Gas S.A., the Polyethylene Pipe Industry VEI, THE HUB Coffee Shop and our communication sponsors ERT 3, ERT Kavala, Cosmote TV, Efimerida ton Syntakton, Monopoli.gr, Culture now.gr, UZ Utopiazone enjoy your journey, Theatermag.gr for their contribution.

We also thank all the media and the world of journalism that contributed with their time and space to the success of this great event.

And because behind every performance lies the contribution of many special people, we thank the administrative (Tonia Manali, Efi Primikirlidou, Vera Lazaridou) and technical (Giorgos Mastorakis, Giannis Stavridis, Kostas Garoufallidis, George Triantafyllidis, Panagiotis Lazaridis) staff of the Municipal Theatre for supporting our events with their ideas and energy, Artware and Alexandros Kokkas for creating the stunning new visual identity of the festival, Mrs. Paria Tombrou for her help and support. Paria Tombrou for her help with the DESERTED performance, and the Urban Bus Company of Kavala, Stratos Stroumboulis and Giannis Stefanou, without whose invaluable help ROUTE 404 would never have happened.

And, of course, our special thanks to the volunteers of the 66th Philippi Festival, who were with us for another year in a most touching way.

Finally, we thank all those who have quietly supported and embraced each and every one of our activities, the unsung heroes that exist in every festival and, although usually not mentioned by name, are always the heart and soul of the festival. So, grateful and renewed, we bid you farewell and look forward to seeing you next year.

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